• Our comprehensive tables (here for UE and here for outside UE) provide the equivalence to the Portuguese boating license, enabling seamless navigation in Portuguese waters. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a novice enthusiast, these resources ensure that you can embark on your maritime adventures with confidence and compliance. Explore the vast beauty of Portugal's coastlines, knowing that your licensing requirements are met, allowing for a smooth and enjoyable sailing experience.

  • Please be advised that the contract provided here will be the agreement to be signed on the day of the rental. This contract will be pre-filled with relevant details beforehand to expedite the process. Additionally, as part of our standard procedure, a security deposit of €2000 will be authorized on a valid credit card in the name of the renter. This security deposit is a precautionary measure to cover any potential damages or incidents that may occur during the rental period. Rest assured, this amount will only be charged in case of damages and will be promptly refunded upon the satisfactory return of the rented vessel. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in ensuring a smooth and secure rental experience.

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